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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Great Izotsha Christian Escape presented by Cottage Patch Quilters Guild - (I know this is a little dated but thought you might like to see the photos anyway)

Here are two members of Tollgate Lynda Estment & Annette Lee helping out at ourTollgate table on the Friday Night Market.

Our, new Chairlady, Phil Fisher looking at some wonderful wares to buy.

This is the busy Friday Night Market.

Here are some more Tollgate Quilters "Girls": Mary Chapman, Annette Lee, Shelia Rice, Beth Barkus, Gail Leeuw & Margi Wilcox all having a great time.

Thalia Griffin & Mary Chapman who were my teachers of the amazing class of " Beautiful Birds", having a welcome early morning cup of coffee.
Pictures to follow when wall hanging is finished.

Annette Lee with her WIP ( Work-In-Progress) - her grand-daughter is going to love the fairies.
I can recomend the weekend away at Izotsha you will find "old" & "new" quilting friends to have a wonderful time with & the food is great.

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  1. I second that.Izotsha is a fantastic weekend away for quilters.The warm reception, the food, the classes and the teachers, the quilting related songs and games and the devotion everyday keeps us, quilters,coming back each year. It is always great to see photographs of the ladies and their quilts, completed or work in progress. Thanx, Beth!