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Friday, February 24, 2012

Heart quilts and the Greyville Show

It's been a while since I- or anyone -has had the time to put anything up on this blog. I've been travelling around South Africa during the last three weeks and the other two contributors have been busy in their respective fields.

Be that as it may, we have the Greyville Race Course hobby show at the end of March and we have chosen the theme of Hearts for it. Beth Barkus was instrumental in asking all the Tollgate Guild members to provide small felt hearts - either in Brooch form or in bookmark form and I understand that we have quite a collection for the show! Many thanks to Beth for organising this and to the members for comming forward with these hearts.

Now for the important part: If you are a member of Tollgate Quilters Guild or for that matter a member of another local guild and you have a heart quilt available, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could we borrow it for the show? I promise that we will take really good care of it. Please contact me at admin@amafu.co.za if you need more information. I will be at the KZN Quilters Guild meeting on 3rd March if you would like to drop off your quilts with me there.

We have at least 10 stands to fill with quilts and we would love to have your quilt there.

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