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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Luscious Little Layerings

The "Luscious Little Layerings" project was launched at the KZN Quilters Guild May meeting  by Beth Barkus of Tollgate QG.

The idea came from the British Patchwork Association's "Little Gems" project http://littlegemquilts.wordpress.com/ 
 that culminated in a tombola stand at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts in 2011.That project had its origins in the Journal Quilts exhibitions which ran for several years at the Houston Quilt Festival.

Beth contacted the British Patchwork Association and they have graciously given us permission to develop our own "Little Gems" project- except we are calling it  "Luscious Little Layerings". We will also have a tombola stand at the National Quilting Festival in Durban in 2015 and the proceeds will go towards the  costs of that festival.

The website will be up at the end of May with Journal Quilts by members of various groups and we encourage quilters in South Africa and abroad to participate  in this venture.There will be ideas and basic patterns on the website and photos of the quilts will be published on the site as they come in.

Beth Barkus: French Braid
S-o-o-o, watch this space for details of the website. 


  1. Looking forward to making these " Luscious Little Layerings"! Thanks for the link ,Glenda.

    1. I made a few of these when the Journal Quilts were being done for Houston but never plucked up the courage to send one in.

      Beth had some of mine at KZNQG on Saturday. When I get them back, I'll photograph them and put them up on the "Luscious " blog.

  2. Would love to see them, Glenda. I'm sure they must be really good , just like all your other quilts.