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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tollgate Quilters' Guild at Izotsha 2012

From left to right:- Beulah Black, Twig Hartwig, Joan Visser, Anneette Lee, Alanna Chapman, Mary Chapman, Lynda Estment, Phil Fisher, Colleen Weeks, Margie Wilcoks, Alice Glennister, Judy Zingel, Caroline Cannon & Beth Barkus. The  16th Great Izotsha Escape was held at the Skogheim Conference Centre on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal over the weekend of 7-9th September. The organisers are members of Cottage Patch Quilters' Guild ( they do this every year in September) - thanks to them we all have a wonderful weekend of peace ( except for lots of chatter & laughter) and much stitching & quilting. YAH! This year's quilt retreat had the following workshops on offer :- Ezy Pzy Scrap Quilt, Shadow Play, Dyeing to Paint, Those lazy crazy hazy days of Summer, Herbaceous Hexagons, Knitted Quilts & Bring your own quilt to finish class.

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  1. Beautiful ladies on a beautiful sunny morning! Tollgate is always so well represented at Izotsha.