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Friday, April 4, 2014


We all like free things and quilters are no different to anyone else.

 How would you like some free magazines that won't clutter up your sewing room and where you need only download the pages you want?

How many of our members know that there are free magazines to be had all over the internet? Have you bothered to look?

Here is one:
On Line Quilt Magazine

There is a paid version as well but the free version has some interesting articles, quilt patterns and reviews- not to mention the odd recipe or two.

Then I looked on ISSUU ( the same place where our Kzn Quilters Guild newsletter resides) and found dozens of FREE quilting magazines, including some we will never see here in South Africa.

Try the Fons and Porter " Block Buster" or "Down Under Quilting" or a host of others.

All you need to do is put "quilting" into the search bar and they will all come up. Even better, if you sign up with  ISSUU.com  , you can create your own bookshelf  and retain the magazines for reading later or to come back to. If you sign up , they are also downloadable and printable.


Type in "quilting" and PRESS YOUR ENTER KEY! Don't press the little X in the right hand corner of the bar.

Go take a look - you will be pleasantly surprised at what is out there in the big wide world of the Net.

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