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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tollgate Meeting October 2011

Tollgate Quilters Guild held its October meeting this evening at the Frere Road Presbytarian Church and,as always, it was a hive of activity.

Beth did her bit for Halloween with her bat wings and her pointy horn alice band, bringing a bit of light relieve to the meeting.

Phil Fisher, the Chair, opened the meeting - whistled through the business part and handed over to the chair of the Festival committee, Twig Hartwig and then Janet Subban.

Twig described the progress of the National Festival committee so far. A budget has been set and the committee is asking for suggestions for  overseas teachers and a name for the Festival.
Fund raising, as usual, will be a problem and it will be necessary to look outside the quilting community  for added funds.
Tote Bags and the contents thereof  was another issue that was raised. It appears that there are two schools of thought:- those for and those against.

Janet Subban did some research on the subject of Kantha embroidery which hails from the sub-continent of India and she shared this with us. Phil Fisher has also done some Kantha embroidery over the years and brought some of her work with her.Janet has promised that she will put this research up on the blog shortly.

Show and Tell had a line of quilters up with their various pieces- some finished and some to be finished.

Mary Chapman brought a new piece of work which she will be teaching at a later stage.

Ann Flanegan showed us her grand daughter's quilt with a Christmas theme.
 Prem Appalraju showed us what she did with her Rose of Sharon block swap blocks.
Can some one please let me have the name of the maker of this very pretty lavender quilt?

Quilter found! Nazeema Noormohamed made this quilt.

We now FINALLY have somewhere to  display our quilts after Show and Tell, giving members a chance to take a closer look. Thank you , Annette Lee, for getting permission to put up hooks and removable wire around the room. This is a very cost effective way of creating a removable hanging space.

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