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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orientation Exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, UK

 Forge Mill Needle Museum these buildings housed the original scouring machine used to clean and polish needles until 1958. The museum was opened by the Queen in 1985. I asked about taking photos and they were happy about it - so here goes.
 Oops -I left this wonderful picture of Shoes out of my last post - these were at Ally Pally by Jessica Odell-foster of West Wales School of Art
 These two are the back to the exhibit in Redditch - "Orientation" both by Edwina Mackinnon
Cannot remember the top one's name but the one below is "Sushi and Rice"

 "Kites on White" by Ineke Berlyn. Kites are drawn by hand and printed using thermofax screens using procion dyes on vintage linen fabric.
 These three are by Hilary Beattie:- above Oriental Pot 1 & below Oriental Pot 2: Blossom
 Oriental Pot 3 - below
 This three are by Catherine Nicholls
 "Kimono" by Annabel Rainbow
 Another piece by Ineke Berlyn - " Pieced Kites"
 "Cherry Blossom" by Catherine Nicholls
 " The Tea House" by Edwina Mackinnon
 Annabel Rainbow - Pine Needles on High, Reflecting the sunshine's Warmth, Whispering of Life.
 Annabel Rainbow - " In my Old Home, which I forsook, Leaves are Turning Red.
 " Li Carpet" by Stephanie Redfern - This piece was inspired by the patterns in the natural world and an Assyrian carved stone carpet in the British Museum. Her drawings are laminated & combined with appliquéd painted fabrics.
 "Peace Offering" by Linda Kemshall
 Below Linda Kemshall - "Iris 1"
" Hanami" by Catherine Nicholls
 "Iris 2" by Linda Kemshall
 Also by Linda Kemshall

 Oops - enjoy the second look.
 "Keeper of the Keys " by Laura Kemshall
 Needles through the Ages -above & below
 Door to the Museum opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 5th July 1983

 This is a Kickstamp and was used to make the impression of where the eyes would be made on the needles.
 This is the Water Wheel that powered the Mill.
 Looking out towards what is left of he Bordesley Abbey.

 All that is left of the Bordesley Abby after the destruction in 1538.
 Who can resist feeding the ducks & swans on the river?
 Just to show you that the "Purple Pleasure" I made for my son is on his bed being used. Yah!!


  1. Hi Beth! So much eye candy! What lovely quilts!Lots of inspiration for the ladies. Thank you for these posts , its so nice to read your posts and see the photographs as you go along on your journey.

  2. Thanks, Beth.
    IT was interesting to see that LAura Kemshall is still working with her "Crow". This has been an ongoing theme for her for a while.Here is a link to her site :


    You might have to visit previous posts but there is a fair amount of information about her "Crows" theme. Either way there is some eye candy there.