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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London -First Day

 UK Quilters' Guild Winner Professional - Deborah Kemball Hand Applique & hand quilted.
 Tales of the Unfinished undertaken by textile artists' Hazel Connors & Felicity Clarke.The types of textile work donated are varied rag rugs, quilts, baby clothes & wall hangings etc. - Photo 1
 Vendors Stands in the Great Hall
 Yes, this is cross-stitch done on a car door
 Gold Rhino- Zoe Williams on Mr. X- Stitch Stand
 UK Quilters' Guild -Best Amateur Quilter of the Year - Shizuyo Morishita all by Hand.
 This is the workshop that I did today with Jean Draper who has an exhibit called "Landmarks" at the show.
 Jean Draper - my teacher for the Worksop on Lacy Vessels.
 Photo one of the outside of the Alexandra Palace.
 View looking out over London.
 Some of the panels of the "Tales of the Unfinished" - one
 Panel Two
 Tales of the Unfinished is a tent.
 Mining a Seam of Gold - created by Embroiderers' Guild of the North East Region of UK -Photo 1
 Mining a Seam of Gold - Photo 2
 This is so good - I thought you needed another look.
This is the entrance to a Treasure Cave!!!!

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