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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dena Crain's " How PAtchwork Quilting Changes Women's Lives

If you want a good read, you HAVE to read Dena Crain's thesis for her S.A.Q.G. Judges exam.Here is the link :   http://www.denacrain.com/blog/

Its a really good read and although she has had to base most of her research in the States, soo-o-o much of what she found is relevant to South African quilters as well.
I think we are all the same under the skin.

Dena has asked for comments on the thesis on her blog so feel free to tell her how you feel.Do you agree with what she says about us quilters or disagree? In some instances I do agree with her comments but in others ? Mmmm, I'm not so sure...........

For those of you who dont know Dena Crain, she is a quilter who lives in Kenya and who creates art quilts as well as teaching through Quilt University. Dont know what Quilt University is ? Go to http://www.quiltuniversity.com/ to find out more.

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