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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tutorial: Using Applique Paper

This is a short tutorial on how to use applique paper.

Applique paper is not the same as iron-on vilene and the two are not interchangeable.

1.Trace or print out your templates on the PAPER side of the product.
    If using a printer, make sure that its an INKJET printer and NOT A
    LAZER if  you dont want to  create a serious mess in your printer.
    Check to see if the tracing or print needs to be reversed in order to have
    the  design facing the same way as the original.
     When tracing, I use an Artliner .7 permanent marker.


2. Cut out the pieces, leaving a small margin around each.This will give you a
     better edge when you get to cutting out the fabric patch.

3.Iron onto your chosen fabric, using a dry iron - and a teflon sheet if you don't want to get glue on your iron- and cut out with a pair of sharp embroidery scissors.You get a much more accurate result using small sharp embroidery scissors than you do using a huge pair of shears.
Peel off the backing paper and iron into position onto your background.

Thats it, you are done!
 Ready to sew around the edges.

If you have multiple patches to position, then a useful tip is to dab a spot of glue stick glue onto the back of each piece and place it in position. I use the Pritt glue stick ( in South Africa) as the glue washes out.

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